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Meet Sophie Hawkins

BFA, M.Ed (counselling), CYT, TMT, AP

Thai Massage Practitioner since 2005

"I endeavour to empower people to access their innate healing ability and life potential through the sacred healing wisdom of Ayurveda, massage and Yoga/Meditation".

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art practiced by Monks and Laypeople of Thailand for over 2,500 years. It was a perfect fit for me since I was already studying and practicing Meditation, Hatha Yoga, and Ayurveda (a system of medicine from India)- all of which are part of the foundation of Thai Massage. 

I am also a Certified Hesch Method Practitioner since 2012. I have helped many people out of decades of pain with this simple, effective method.

Before 2005, I worked in Community Mental Health for 20 years, supporting people diagnosed with serious mental illnesses. Previous to that, I studied art and was active in the London artist community. I teach Yoga/Meditation, Ayurvedic Cooking Classes, as well as Thai and Ayurvedic Massage. 

I currently also teach online. I have an 8 week Ayurveda program and an Online course to help conventional Massage Therapists who are in pain or injured incorporate Thai Massage and Meditation Techniques to regain their health and save their career. 

I am also a film maker and have completed my first feature length film called Deep Yoga: A Strategy for Peace . You can watch the film here!


Why Thai Massage?

Experience a totally different approach to massage!




Thai Massage helps-

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Relieve Pain through Stretching & Alignment

Your body will be moved and stretched in every direction and in many different poses similar to a Yoga Class. By stretching the muscles and fascia, posture (aka alignment) is improved and pain is relieved. Clients often leave feeling taller!

Deep Tissue Pressure, No Pain

Pressure is applied using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet. You wear comfy cloths you can move in for privacy but also so the therapist can apply direct pressure without a slipping action. This is an effective deep tissue massage without pain or friction that can cause inflammation.


Thai Massage moves the lymph and blood and restores circulation to deeply detox your tissues. TM uses acupressure, fascia release, and triggerpoint therapy within the traditional Thai Massage Technique.

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Great for Athletes & People with Desk Jobs

TM can be the difference between suffering and relief. We tend to move in habitual ways but our body needs to move in every direction. Once movement has been restored, you feel relaxed, more flexible, and more at ease in the body and the mind.  A tense body equals a stress out mind. Many clients report a very good nights sleep!

Increases Bone Strength

TM has been clinically shown to increase the body's uptake of calcium to the bones. Thai Massage is very effective in stimulating the body's immune response and internal organ functions.


Stress causes disease. Most people breathe in a way that creates stress. Right now, check if your tongue is pressed against your teeth or upper palate. If so,  you are in fight or flight due to an improper breathing pattern.  I address this problem that effects all aspects of your body's functions in the first session.



Hesch Method Testimonial

"30 years of shoulder pain is gone since I started Thai Massage treatments with Sophie. She also helped me with an hiatal hernia. Thai Massage has become part of my health care plan. Also, I have learned dietary and lifestyle wisdom that has been very helpful. Thai Massage with Sophie is not just a massage, it's part of holistic healthcare."


-Trish Gamble, Retired School Principal

Hesch Method Testimonial

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